Voltage regulator ACH-300 H

  Automatic voltage regulator ACH-300 H is designed for working with household appliances with power consumption to of 300 W 220 V, 50 Hz provides automatic control and voltage regulation, and protection of low and high voltage and high-voltage pulses. ACH-300 H intended primarily to improve security management systems independent heating, and to stabilize the power TVs, audio and video equipment, computers and other electronic equipment with power consumption of 300 watts. 

ACH-300 H has a digital light meter and supply voltage, output voltage and power consumption of the connected device. 
The device is equipped with thermal protection and overload protection.

ACH-300 H can be used both horizontally and vertically. For fixing on a vertical surface is equipped with plugs.

Specifications Size
Manufactured by TU U 31.1-13800239-002:2005/2011 YES
Allowable maximum input voltage long-term 430 V
The operating range of input voltage (U in) 130-280 V
Rated output voltage U in = 140-280 V 220 V ± 14 V
Rated output voltage U in = 130-140 V 195 V - 206 V
Maximum continuous power load throughout the operating range 300 W
The maximum short-term power load 900 W
The shape of the output voltage sinusoidal
Response time to change the input voltage 0,04 s
Time off when high-voltage pulse, no more 0,01 s
The response time protection device with a load of 301 W to 900 W 3,0 s
Time after the accident, including the network 5,0 s
Operating temperature range 5-35°С
The temperature of operating of thermal protection 90°С
The error indication output voltage ± 1 %
Weight 2 kg
Color white
Dimensions 80 х 125 х 192 mm


  • A guarantee from the manufactured 36 months from date of purchase