Private enterprise LVT.
  We created “LVT” company in 1995. Since then, we have yet gained an extraordinary experience and have become stronger in the field of telecommunications and ensuring the reliable power for appliances. Now we are a full-service company that manufactures single-phase voltage stabilizers and terrestrial and cable television accessories.
  We are confident in the reliability of our products, because we ourselves control each stage of manufacturing, from the metal processing and coating to the testing of each unit of goods on the testbench. With the years of experience we have gained the resistance to the difficulties and challenges of the market and have learned how to do our job qualitatively and honestly.
  We strive to make our products as qualitative and reliable as possible, so we always keep abreast of current tendencies of the electronic market development. We like to keep up with the times, and we are always interested in taking on new projects. Through the coordinated team work of true professionals we are committed to bringing new fresh ideas to the development of electronic appliances market segment.
  Thus, in 2009 we supplemented our voltage stabilizers line with advanced new models ACH-250 ACH-600 and AСН-300 C. These devices with microprocessor controlling have quickly gained prestige among our clients. Subsequently we created a model ACH-300 H with the new possibility of vertical placing and extended range of operation options. Recently we released another model of ACH-350 C, high accurance TRIAC stabilizer with the capacity of 350 Watts.
  We provide fast service and an extensive network of sales representatives throughout Ukraine. We are used to focusing on the best correlation between value and money.
  Our products go through the entire manufacturing cycle in Ukraine. We believe in quality of Ukrainian electronic products and we are proud that our products are rated as the best on the market.
  We have devoted supporters of our products not only among distributors, but also among installers and heating equipment servicemen. Through their own experience they made sure that our products are really reliable, so now they confidently recommend them to their clients. It inspires us boundlessly and gives strength to achieve new goals, develop and improve.